Custom Cardigan with Big Varsity Letter - EMBROIDERED With Lifetime Guarantee

Custom Cardigan with Big Varsity Letter - EMBROIDERED With Lifetime Guarantee

Made to order. See production times.

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Chenille [$65.00]
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Horizontally Split Letters [$10.00]
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Special Instructions
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Guaranteed: 4 weeks after approval [$50.00]
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The Greek fraternity/sorority cardigan sweater is a true classic. 

Use the form to customize your sweater. Just skip over any sections that you don't want to customize. If you aren't sure about something, just click the help (?) icons along the way.
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Heavy duty Tuff-Pil â„¢ Plus
  • Lo-pil performance
  • Matching buttons on placket
  • Colorfast and durable


  • Cream/natural is 100% cotton.
  • Light blue is 70% acrylic/30% wool.
  • Brown cardigan has pockets.
  • Cardigans with stripes have pockets.
  • Cardigans with stripes not available in 4X or 5X. 

    Note: The only cardigans that have pockets are the brown cardigans and the white cardigans with stripes. All other cardigans do not come with pockets.
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